Sila National Park

Parco Nazionale della Sila

The Sila National Park was established by the reunification of the two areas of the existing Calabria Park, established in 1968. It is located around Mount Pettinascura, in “Sila Grande” (Great Sila), and Mount Gariglione, in the “Sila Piccola” (Small Sila). Sila is a vast plateau that offers the largest wooded area of the whole … Read more Sila National Park

What to do and see in Vibo Valentia


The old town is characterized by the geometry of the medieval town, with monumental buildings. The main attractions are the bell tower of St. Michael and the Norman Castle that today houses the  Archaeological State Museum. Inside the museum preserves one of the most precious finds from the Hellenic past: the “Thin gold sheet”, the … Read more What to do and see in Vibo Valentia

What to drink and eat in Vibo Valentia


The food and wine vibonese culture is rich in flavor and is very diverse. Among the typical products we find the fileja , fresh pasta topped with a variety of sauces and the ‘nduja of Spilsby”, a pork sausage that can be spread on bread or used as an ingredient in recipes of different dishes. … Read more What to drink and eat in Vibo Valentia


The province of Cosenza is located in the north-central part of the region. The Cosentino area is varied, characterized by a predominance of mountains and hills in spite of flat areas, but with wide stretches of coast. The longest river in the Calabria region is the crater, which, starting from the Sila, through the valley … Read more Cosenza

What to do and see in Cosenza

Cosenza is one of the oldest towns in Calabria and is situated on seven hills in the valley of Crati, at the confluence of the Busento. The ancient city is characterized by narrow streets; the old town is full of monumental buildings and private palaces. Among the museums there are the Museum of Brett, opened … Read more What to do and see in Cosenza

What to drink and eat in Cosenza

Calabria offer itself as the land of taste, the typical food goes far beyond the famous Calabrian chilli. As first dishes there are the pitta ‘ mpigliata, fusilli, pasta and potatoes, tijeddra, potatoes and pipareddre (peppers) fries, broccoli rabe and sausage, lagane ciciari ( wide noodles and chickpeas), fresh pasta with mushrooms. The fish dishes … Read more What to drink and eat in Cosenza


Calabria Crotone

The province of Crotone is located between the Ionian Sea and the Sila National Park. Established in 1992 following the departure from the province of Catanzaro, its territory is characterized by thick pine forests and vast green expanses. The territory is full of archaeological sites that alternate with excursions in natural parks and mountains. There … Read more Crotone

What to do and see in Crotone


Crotone was founded by Greek colonists from the region of Achaia, a place of pre-existing indigenous settlement that was one of the most important centers of Ancient Greece. According to the legend of Ovid, owes its origins to Hercules, returning from one of his mythical labors, when he decided to erect a city in honor … Read more What to do and see in Crotone

What to drink and eat in Crotone


The culinary tradition of Crotone is characterized by simple, but strong and genuine flavors like with thepecorino Crotone, bread of Cutro, also exported to many parts of northern Italy, made with whole wheat flour. Among the typical dishes we can mention the brawn, the typical local salami, pilchard, called the caviar of the South; the … Read more What to drink and eat in Crotone

Reggio Calabria

The province of Reggio Calabria is located in the famous tip of the Italian boot, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The area is a mix of nature, history and culture thanks to the continuous occupations that followed over the centuries: Ancient Greece, Roman domination, Norman and Angevin. There are many areas of natural interest, surrounded by … Read more Reggio Calabria

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