The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise is comprised for the most part in the province of L’Aquila and for the remainder in that of Frosinone and in that of Isernia. It was inaugurated on September 9, 1922 in Pescasseroli. Considered the oldest Park in Italy along with the National Park of Gran Paradiso … Read more

Majella National Park

Majella National Park

The Majella National Park is one of three national parks of Abruzzo between the provinces of L’Aquila, Pescara and Chieti. Sixty peaks, thirty of which are over 2000 meters: after the Gran Sasso, the Majella has the second highest peak in the Apennine with Mount Amaro, that is 2793 meters tall. The park is the … Read more

What to do and see in Pescara

Pescara, capital of the province, is a seaside town. Despite its origins dating back to Roman times, many monuments have been rebuilt after the bombing of World War II. Among the main monuments, the birthplace of Gabriele D’Annunzio, one of the, if not the most important literary and political figures in Italy of which we … Read more

What to drink and eat in Pescara

The culinary tradition of Pescara is linked to the typical flavors of a generous land. Among the products of the land in particular there is a wide variety of mushrooms, the black winter truffle and black truffle or Scorzone. Excellent sheep and goat cheese, sweet and spicy, among other cheeses there are: the “puntato”, like … Read more



The province of Teramo is located in the northern part of the Abruzzo region and divides the territory from that of The Marche. The peculiarity of the territory is that to be characterized by the eastern side of the Abruzzo’s Appenine and valleys that slope down to the Adriatic coast. There are two impressive mountain … Read more

What to do and see in Teramo


Teramo, capital of the province, is surrounded by the Gran Sasso and was called by the Romans “Interamnia” or “the city between two rivers”, the Tordino river and the Vezzola river. Rich in history and art. Today you can admire the remains and archaeological finds that testify the passage of various peoples. Such as the … Read more


The province of Chieti, is facing the Adriatic Sea and is a mainly hilly and mountainous, marked by a succession of parallel valleys, including the main ones, the Pescara Valley and the Val di Sangro, in which flow several rivers. Most rivers mark the boundaries with other provinces. To the north the river Pescara, which … Read more

What to drink and eat in Teramo


The traditional cuisine of this province is affected by the close distance between sea and mountains, thus giving life to sea and land dishes. Among the dishes there are the pecorino “marcetto”, a cheese produced in the hinterland, with a strong smell and a spicy flavor, with a gold hue; the “ventricina” of Teramo, a … Read more

What to do and see in Chieti

Chieti, capital of the province, is situated on a hill that divides the waters of the river Aterno-Pescara from the river Alento. It consists of Chieti Alta, which includes the historical center, and Chieti Scalo, the new part. City rich in art, the main monuments to visit are located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, including … Read more

What to drink and eat in Chieti

The culinary tradition of this province has always maintained a strong connection with the traditions of the inland areas and the tradition of the coastal zone. Among the first courses we can find “spaghetti alla chitarra”, a type of egg pasta, produced on a typical wooden tool called “chitarra” (guitar), and the “sagne”, a feature … Read more