Lombardia Sondrio


The province of Sondrio is located in the northern part of Lombardy and is composed of a mostly mountainous territory furrowed by valleys, among which

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Sicilia fritto misto di pesce

What to drink and eat in Catania

The seafood is the undisputed protagonist of Catania’s cuisine: you can find seafood salads made with octopus, shrimp, marinated anchovies, salted anchovies kept in typical

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Vibo Valentia

The province of Vibo Valentia is located in the southern part of Calabria, divided exactly in half by the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, one of the main

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Castle of Montà d’Alba

Castello di Montà d'Alba

Montà or Montà d’Alba is an Italian municipality in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont and due to its geographical position, is called “the door to Roero”.
The Roero is a land of harmonious hills where the sun sets slowly on the towns and the fields and together with Langhe and Monferrato it is a UNESCO heritage site. It is famous for its “Rocche”, a fracture of the soil that extend for 32 km along the hilly landscape of the Roero from Bra to Cisterna d’Asti. The ecosystem is characterized by different climates distributed in a few hundred meters of altitude, a stunning natural heritage to discover. 

The castle of Montà d’Alba, located in the highest part of the town and dating from the 12th century, was a small brick castle with round towers, a moat and a drawbridge. Lately the building passed to the Roero family who bought the feud of Montà in 1363 and expanded its size. In 1441 the castle was bought by the Malabailas and later by the Isnardi family who in the seventeenth century modified a large part of the building. This later modification meant the loss of some significant elements such as the drawbridge and the moat, so that the castle would take on the appearance of an aristocratic residence but kept the brick facade that is still present today.
The castle is surrounded by a millennial park, an English garden, whose ecosystem is perfectly balanced and uncontaminated where it is possible to admire its natural beauty. The building is also characterized by the presence of numerous frescoes, some dating back to the nineteenth century; the prisons are located in the circular tower in which filter thin rays of light in the early hours of the morning and then there is a suggestive panoramic terrace over the Langhe. Today it is an important meeting point for ceremonies, events, parties and tastings thanks to the wonderful decorated halls, the park and the suggestive view over the hills.


Mantua and Sabbioneta

The two cities Mantua and Sabbioneta are an expression of the power and ambition of the Gonzaga family; Mantua transformations were made on an existing

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Liguria Portofino
Cinque Terre


Liguria is a region located in the northwest of Italy. It is bordered to the west by France, to the north by Piedmont and to

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