Modena: the Cathedral, the Civic Tower and Piazza Grande


Modena, provincial capital of Emilia Romagna, lived its stage of greater importance during the rule of the famous Family of Este, between 1288 and 1796, which influenced the city monumental ensemble. Starting in 1598, the Duke Cesare d’Este moved the capital of his duchy from Ferrara to Modena , making the city of Modena the … Read moreModena: the Cathedral, the Civic Tower and Piazza Grande

Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna


Splendid city of art, Ravenna, contains a complex of religious monuments of the early Christian period of extraordinary historical and artistic importance. It was in 402 A.D. that the Emperor Honorius transferred the capital of the Western Roman Empire from Milan to Ravenna, becoming a sumptuous imperial residence. The eight exceptionally beautiful monuments are: the … Read moreEarly Christian Monuments of Ravenna

Ferrara and the Po Delta


Rich in works of art and medieval architectures, Ferrara becomes in the Renaissance period a real gem through the work of some of the greatest Italian masters such as Piero della Francesca, Jacopo Bellini and Andrea Mantegna that were at the service of the Estense Court that have profoundly marked the history of the city. … Read moreFerrara and the Po Delta

Tuscan Emilian Appennine National Park

Tuscan Emilian Appennine National Park

The Tuscan Emilian Appennino National Park extends between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, it includes the Apennine ridge portions of the provinces of Lucca, Massa Carrara, Parma and Reggio Emilia between the valleys of the Dolo, of the Auction, of the Secchia, of the Enza, Cedra, Bratica and Parma on the Emilia side and Tuscany between … Read moreTuscan Emilian Appennine National Park

Casentino Forest National Park

Casentino Forest National Park

Between Romagna, the Casentino area and the Mugello there is a large protected area of great interest that includes woods and forests among the largest and best preserved in Italy, as well as flora and fauna. In Romagna there is the mountain portion of the valleys of the Montone, of Rabbi, of Bidente and of Tramazzo; … Read moreCasentino Forest National Park

What to drink and eat in Reggio Emilia

Emilia Romagna Reggio Emilia Parmigiano Reggiano

Two are the undisputed protagonists of the cuisine of Reggio Emilia: pork and bred, used since the Middle Ages for the production of sausages and the Parmigiano-Reggiano. Among first courses there are the traditional pumpkin tortellini, handmade ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and amaretti and cappelletti stuffed with meat and cheese. Excellent the salami, the mortadella, … Read moreWhat to drink and eat in Reggio Emilia

What to do and see in Rimini

Emilia Romagna Rimini Anfiteatro

Rimini, capital of the province, known as the capital of entertainment especially for the large number of nightclubs and its kilometers of sandy beaches, it is also rich in history and culture: it was a Roman colony, occupied by the Goths and by the Byzantines, until the domination of the Malatesta in the Renaissance. From … Read moreWhat to do and see in Rimini

What to drink and eat in Rimini

Emilia Romagna Rimini Piadina

The culinary tradition of Rimini is characterized by flavors typical of the region of Emilia Romagna. Even in this province, the queen of the table is the famous “piadina”, thin, served warm with ham and salami, including the famous squacquerone, soft cheese. Even among the first dishes, the homemade pasta is very good: the noodles, … Read moreWhat to drink and eat in Rimini

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